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Corinaldo-Historical Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the Parks to renew your energy in contact with nature.   The rivers Nevola and Cesano flow through the land belonging to Corinaldo, between rolling hills that slope gently down towards the Adriatic sea,: visitors can stroll … Read more

Corinaldo-Religious Itinerary

The birthplace of St Maria Goretti, Corinaldo is a spiritual land: its Sanctuary and no less than ten religious buildings within or near the historical town centre are proof of the town’s ancient link with the Church, and attract pilgrims … Read more

Corinaldo-Artistic and Cultural Itinerary

An itinerary through the historical town centre on the trail of the noble palaces, museums, art collections and the splendid Carlo Goldoni Theatre, which extends beyond the city walls, with the villas in the countryside and finally the splendid cities … Read more

Corinaldo-Historical Itinerary

A stroll in and around the Village to discover the city walls and all its defence structures, the medieval history of Corinaldo and finally the castles and fortifications present in the Marche area. 1)Torre dello sperone Symbol of the city … Read more